Thursday, 1 April 2010

Here we go!!

So this is it, the start of my first ever mod! ( i have worked on a few mods before but its different when its your own idea) - I wont go into details about the game, as there are no details to go into :p but i will say we will be using udk and creating some form of racing game...

I will post more including updates and stuff later!

Here are some updates

HP Sculpt by P777

Concept by Mohzart


  1. I'm just going to leave a comment on this one since you plan to delete the video blog where you look really tired :P

    Not much info yet so I shall just wish you luck! I dig Mo's tunes, and his art, although I know you ultimately intend to steer him in a dustier grittier direction.

    You can let me know if you need help with the "idea" part lol, but artistically, the team is already plenty strong. Look forward to your updates!


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  3. you did better and left 2 whole comments :D

  4. So nice I said it twice. ...